On the Issues

“As a former prosecutor and judge, I understand the impact that crime has on our families. I am committed to protecting families by enforcing tougher penalties on those who prey on the most vulnerable - children and seniors.”

— Phillip Terrell

Educate children about consequences of crime including drugs, alcohol abuse, bullying, sex, and social media

Establish a Youth Task Force to work directly with local law enforcement, community leaders, and school administrators to reduce youth crime in Rapides Parish

Firmly prosecute those who prey on our children

Protect our seniors from being taken advantage of online and financially, as well as reduce crime committed against our elderly

Prosecute perpetrators of domestic violence swiftly, efficiently, and firmly

• Phillip has the experience and judgement to appropriately handle cases involving substance abuse.

Protecting Families

As DA, Phillip will not only protect, but also educate our children about the consequences of their actions. He will be involved in educating our children about the use of drugs, alcohol abuse, bullying, sex, and internet crimes. Phillip will establish and meet regularly with a Youth Task Force consisting of school administrators, community leaders, local law enforcement agencies about crimes affecting the youth of Rapides Parish. Our children will be safer and more educated about crime with Phillip Terrell as District Attorney. 

Protecting the Elderly

Phillip is committed to protecting our elderly. Our grand parents should not be another statistic. The elderly are far too often being taken advantage of financially, online, and in the criminal justice system. Phillip Terrell will not allow our seniors to be forgotten. He will stand strong and protect those who can not protect themselves. 

Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence

Phillip Terrell will prosecute perpetuators of domestic violence swiftly, efficiently, and firmly. Those who victimize others will pay for their actions under Phillip Terrell. Domestic Abuse is a serious issue that requires a serious solution. Phillip Terrell has the experience needed to correct such a problem. 

Efficient System

Crimes are moving through our justice system mush slower than they should. Crimes need to be handles swiftly, but fairly. Those who are guilty need to start their sentence and those who are innocent need to move on with their lives. A backed up justice system is unacceptable. As city judge of Pineville, Phillip Terrell was responsible for overseeing the most efficient judicial district in Rapides Parish. Phillip will bring this experience to the DA’s office and bring efficiency to the Rapides Parish judicial system.